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I’m Omar Alsaadi, co-founder and head chef here at Pita Chip.

I believe that good food should be a full sensory experience. For me, the best part about Pita Chip is the memories our food evokes of my childhood. One bite of our falafel and I am transported back to Damascus, Syria, smelling all the wonderful street vendor foods.

Growing up, I would come home from school to find Italian food on the stove. Other nights, it was French or Greek. There was no internet at the time; my mother used encyclopedias to learn how to cook. Her recipes evolved with inspiration from cultural influences near and far. In seventh grade, I started helping in the kitchen, and like her, I let my imagination drive my recipes.

After spending the majority of my life in Philadelphia, my cooking style has transformed to mirror my experience as an immigrant in America. I adopted new cooking techniques and was exposed to new cuisines in our multicultural city. At Pita Chip, our food reflects that diversity, while fundamentally remaining Middle Eastern street food. I call it “Modern Middle Eastern."

I hope you enjoy eating our food as much as we enjoy having you as our guest.

Welcome to Pita Chip.

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